Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY Scar Massage- Part 3

Here is some info on what I believe is myofascial release but could possibly be the Wurn technique, though I'm not familiar with Wurn.

"Scar tissue massage is not recommended during the first five to eight days after surgery, or if you have an infection, God forbid! The first week should be all about resting the abdominal area, and not overdoing anything, being careful to prevent movements that can comprise or pull on your scar. For the best success scar massage for c-sect should be performed within the first 14 weeks after surgery. But it is never too late to start the process.
Make sure the scar is not sensitive to the touch, to help desensitize the area place a warm washcloth over scar and lightly rub with fingertips for 1-2 minutes. Once you are able to touch the scar without sensitivity or pain you are ready to massage or use one of the taping products.
Scar massage is done very gently you don’t use a lot of pressure. First test to see if any area of the scar feels stuck to underlying tissue, place your thumb and index finger on opposite ends of the scar. Gently push your thumb and finger together. If your scar and skin make a rounded arch out away from your body, then outer layers of scar tissue are not adhered. If the scar looks more similar to an “M” with the center of the scar stuck and this forms an arch on either side, then you have scar tissue adhesions present. If you can’t lift the scar away from your body you may have areas of tissue adhesion or you could still be a little swollen from the surgery.
Next place your two index fingers perpendicular to each other and press gently as you push towards each other. You do this as you move along the scar.
Next place your fingers over the scar and gently move the scar in circles (clock-wise and counter clock-wise). Your fingers should not slide over the skin. This can help smooth out your scar. If one area feels more stuck than another, spend more time in the stuck area.
Next place your middle and index fingers perpendicular on the left side of the scar. Gently pull the scar up toward your head, and push it down toward to feet in a rhythmic manner. Hold ½ second or less in each direction. Move across the scar repeating the up and down motion, do not slide your fingers across the skin. Your fingers should move with the scar, again using very light pressure.
Next lightly grasp one end of the scar between your thumb and index finger. Gently lift scar away from body, separating it from the underlying tissue. Gently move your fingers side to side for 30 seconds. Move your fingers to the center of the scar, repeat technique and then move to the opposite end of the scar, and repeat." -From Massage A Mom

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