Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meet My Scar- Day 2

Here is my scar this morning. 
I anticipate that there will be little change to be seen in the pictures for a while since I’ve just starting the process of healing. I took this picture standing so you could see the difference between this and the picture from yesterday (which was taken lying down). When I stand, the left side sucks in at one point and the skin above the scar hangs loosely, framed with slivery stretch marks. It used to be worse, but since I’ve somehow been able to lose all of the baby weight plus some, it doesn’t hang as badly as it did and the angry, redness of my stretch marks has faded. I’ll be writing more later on postpartum bodies and how they can change. You can also see how the scar slants upward on one side more clearly from this picture.
I have to be honest. I didn’t do anything yesterday to my scar. I got preoccupied hanging out with friends. Maybe I should set an alarm? At any rate, I didn’t even remember to take the vitamin C.
Hold on, I’ll massage it now…
Ok, done. I couldn’t find my EPO, so I used vitamin E oil. I noticed that using oil definitely made touching it easier. My oil was stored with some jasmine essential oil which is my favorite smell, so perhaps I should look into aromatherapy to help with relaxing during difficult treatments. I found that the adhesions on the left side are more prominent than the knot on the right. I was able to massage for about 3 minutes before the oil started to absorb and the friction made me feel icky. The feeling that I’m terming “icky”, I would describe as a tingling numbness that builds into nausea and contributes to increased negative emotions. It’s so hard to describe. 
I will be writing later today on techniques using lubricated massage for scar healing.

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