Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet My Scar- Day 3

Here is my scar this morning-

Yesterday I managed to massage my scar for my blog post and I intended to massage it again in the shower, but I got distracted by a slippery toddler. Maybe today? We’ll see. I also discovered that my vitamin C got exposed to moisture and is now kaput. So, I’ll have to pick up some new supplements next time I’m out. I did however receive my silicone scar sheets and applied one last night (read my post here for more details). So far so good with that. Massaging this morning went well (slight feelings of ickiness and a little soreness) but was cut short by a grouchy, teething toddler who fell on her butt while trying to chase the cat. Such is the life of a mom! I’ll try to get some more time in later.
No noticeable changes due to the scar sheet yet, though it did feel nicely moisturized when I removed it.

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