Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet My Scar- Day 1

My scar- 

This is how it has been for months now (though seeing it now on my laptop screen and not in the mirror, I realize that it's not as horrible as I thought it was). I didn’t have any infection or major issues other than generally just healing after being nearly cut in half. My scar is still red though it’s mostly purple now and is slowly turning silver and shiny. It's almost exactly 5 inches long. It’s rope like with lumps along it’s span finishing with a sizeable adhesion where the OB tied his knot. It slants to the left, as if it’s the OB’s signature. It itches constantly. It’s numb and strangely tingly.  I have painful electrical surges as my nerves try to reconnect. I feel nauseous when I touch it and even worse when my husband does. The sight of it in the mirror is enough to make me cry most days and always flashes me right back to the surgery and feelings of helplessness and visuals of my blood in the overhead instruments and the smell of my flesh burning and the sound of the OB humming. 
I am starting a regimen of physical healing techniques that I will be blogging about including using a silicone scar sheet, massage and supplementation. I will be posting about each of these things in more detail and information on how you could use such techniques to help your scar(s). Please note that I am not a medical professional and am merely posting my experience to information I was able to glean from the internet and books. Always discuss treatment options with your care provider.

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