Sunday, June 6, 2010

ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips

*This is not a paid review. I will be brutally honest with my experience with these. 
I posted yesterday that I would be starting to use the silicone strips when they arrived sometime next week (I ordered them on Wednesday), well it turns out that shipping is crazy fast! I got them yesterday and put one on last night. 
Here are some details of the product; 
“ScarAwayTM helps restore raised and discolored C-section scars to a more natural color and texture, using the same technology trusted by burn centers and plastic surgeons.
Using Scar AwayTM on newly healed c-section wounds helps prevent the formation of unsightly scars.
Even scars that are years old show significant improvement with Scar AwayTM.
Previously available only to medical professionals. Now available direct to you.
Made from a patented material that provides a unique combination of breathability, flexibilty, washability and adhesiveness with a silky fabric backing for optimal convenience and comfort, even under clothing!
ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips was developed specifically for Moms recovering from c-sections.
Each sheet is 7" long and 1.5" Scar AwayTM comes with 4 7" X 1.5" easy-to-apply, self-adhesive silicone scar management sheets. ~ DRUG FREE ~ Safe for C-Section/Nursing Moms and Baby
Patented Silon® sheets mimic the natural barrier function of normal, healthy skin, increasing hydration and temperature at the scar site, working to soften scar tissue, reducing it's development and causing it to fade away faster.
ScarAway also protects your delicate Scar area and alleviates the itching and tenderness often associated with scars.
So comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing a scar management product!
You don't have to live with problem scars!”
Here’s the direction pamphlet that I scanned so you can see more info (click to enlarge)-
I bought them after reading a review on AlphaMom and so far my experiences are lining up with hers.We'll see what time will tell though.
The strip is thinner than I expected and I don’t even notice that it’s there. It stayed put very well all night and even blends pretty well with my skin color wise, though it does look like I'm wearing a big shiny band-aid. I can imagine this flesh tone won’t work for everyone though. I would totally dig these if they were like the band-aid tattoos with artwork on them. Not so inconspicuous, but I would enjoy that. *ahem* You're welcome ScarAway for the marketing tip that could put you ahead of your competitors! I am also happy to note that it cushioned my scar and made wearing clothing more comfortable. I'm stubborn and refuse to wear things up high, so everything hits right at my scar and is usually uncomfortable. I'm pretty excited about this product overall, so I hope it can live up to my expectations.
Here's a picture of me wearing the strip-