Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Preparing for my VBAC

Not my belly! ;)

I'm 21 weeks pregnant today! Holy cow time is flying (yet somehow also dragging...)! Here are some things that I'm doing to prepare my VBAC (some of these things are on advice of my midwife or doula, some are from previous VBAC moms);

-Surrounding myself with a great support team that I can put my trust in 100%

-Attending events and meetings with my local ICAN chapter and participating in online discussions with them

-Staying away from negative or fear mongering pregnancy/birth forums

-Daily massage of my c-section scar with evening primrose oil

-Kegels as often as I remember to do them (usually while I'm nursing my daughter to sleep)

-At least a few minutes of yoga every day including pelvic tilts and squats

-Working hard to keep my posture in check and not leaning back as much as possible to encourage optimal fetal positioning

-Planning on scheduling chiropractic care weekly starting at 30 weeks (just trying to find a good chiropractor that isn't more pregnant than me at the moment!)

-Started a six week child birth/hypnobirthing class with my husband taught by my doula

-Daily practice of self hypnosis relaxation methods

-Covering my house with positive affirmations

-Assembling my birth altar to help me focus during labor (more about that when I get closer to being finished with it)

-Planning a mother blessing gathering closer to my guess date

What did you do (or are doing/planning on doing) to help prepare for VBAC?


  1. Hello, I was wondering about the massage you did for you c sestion scar. Did you use any particular technique? And why evening primrose oil?

    1. Evening Primrose is good for breaking up scar tissue (taken internally at the end of pregnancy as well). I just used a pin to pop open a capsule and rubbed it on my scar and then massaged in little circles back and forth the whole length everyday.
      I also used this technique to help the scar tissue from the tearing I had with my first VBAC while I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I also took evening primrose oil orally starting at 36 weeks and then vaginally starting at 37 weeks and I had no tearing this last time (I still haven't gotten around to posting her birth story, but I will eventually). I think the EPO was part of not tearing.