Monday, September 23, 2013

26 weeks with #3

Yowzers! Sorry it's been so long!
Without further ado, it's time for an update!
I'm 26 weeks pregnant with #3 today and we did find out the sex (like 9 weeks ago...whoops!). Anyway, it's another GIRL! At least, the sonographer was 90% sure. She couldn't get an image that proved otherwise at any rate, so we're going with girl. I've had a couple dreams now that she's really a he, but I suppose it will work out either way. I don't have an issue with dressing "him" in copious amounts of purple if we get a big surprise.

Hi Kira!
I've gained nearly 30 lbs so far this time, which is worrying me a bit. At this rate, I'll be somewhere in the middle of my two pregnancies as far as weight gain. I'm hopeful that with tandem nursing again, I'll be able to lose it all as easily as the first two times. Fingers crossed!

How I'm prepping for my VBAC this time?

I feel like I'm being a slacker compared to last time, but it's harder with two kids underfoot. I need to be more diligent about my daily yoga practice and I really need to start listening to hypnobirthing tracks again. I have however been able to go to the chiropractor weekly this pregnancy and I think that's helping a lot, though I haven't been particularly good so far about focusing on optimal fetal positioning. I keep telling myself I will kick my own butt as soon as I get into the third trimester, which is right around the corner EEK! I think I'm feeling more relaxed about it this time since the placenta is posterior so it's less likely that bub will hang out sunny side up and cause trouble like Anya did.

I'm taking a decent variety of supplements to help in my VBAC journey for the second time.
-A good prenatal multivitamin (Rainbow Light)
-10,000IU vitamin D3 (since I stay inside all day pretty much and I've noticed a huge difference in my allergies)
-Vegetarian DHA supplement
-Probiotic (to help with digestion and boost my immune system)
-My homemade prenatal tincture (for the recipe see this post)

I also have been doing scar massage with evening primrose oil like I did last time after every shower and I've also started using it on the scar tissue from my second degree tear from last time as well to hopefully help break that up a bit before the time comes.
I need to make it to an ICAN meeting at SOME point this pregnancy. I've been to one but had to leave in the middle since my kids are impossible without me at bedtime and the meetings start right when the want to fall asleep. I'm at least very grateful to have an active online tribe and a good bubble of peace in place from my last pregnancy. Anyone that would give me grief either already knows better or is no longer in a position to see my posts or talk to me. It's so important to surround yourself with positivity when you're pregnant, and especially when you're doing something not in the "norm" for your birth like a VBAC or home birth. 

I hope I'm not the only one to cram a child into a closet...
The baby's space is pretty much set up now. Poor thing is getting shoved into a large open closet space in the master bedroom. And we're working on settling sleep issues for the big girls. I'm hoping for another nighttime labor/birth so maybe they'll just sleep through it since it's on the opposite side of the house this go around.

At the moment, my biggest hurdle seems to be locating a nursing/maternity bra that fits that I like. I'm hoping to be able to do a whole post on comparisons because I'm not finding many resources out there for finding my weird size and there doesn't seem to be anywhere near me to try on the few choices I've found. I figure at least all the fuss I'm making over myself might help someone else, so I'll post about it when I can.

Well, that's all for now! I actually have some upcoming posts planned, so stay tuned!